I'm fighting to:

  • Repeal the commerce and margins taxes - hurting YOU the consumer
  • Eliminate common core from our classrooms
  • Revamp the PUC to be truly unbiased.
  • Lower electric rates and open up energy to competition.
  • Make the analog meter opt out permanent and without cost to the utility customer.
  • Bring back solar without subsidies.
  • Stop HOA abuse, Due Process for owners
  • Make abuses of senior guardianship a criminal offense
  • Require full access to state, county, or city meetings for all those with disabilities.
  • Require all state boards, agencies, commissions that the public is allowed to attend, to be broadcasted over the internet
  • Institute an automatic felony for killing a K9 in the commission of a crime.

Please check out this interview where I go into more details. 

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