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I’ve lived in Las Vegas for over thirteen years and seen many promises made by politicians in the Republican and Democrat parties. While serving on various boards and commissions here in the State of Nevada, I have had an opportunity to see the needs of this state firsthand. Join me, and together, we will fix Nevada.

As a libertarian, I am not bound to the crony capitalism or good-ole-boy politics of the major parties; I have my own personal code and my loyalty lies with you, the citizens of Senate District 3.

I will always be accessible by phone or in person to meet and hear your concerns. In accordance with the libertarian philosophy I believe in protecting our citizens from organizations and monopolies that infringe on our liberties and financial well-being.

Together we will:

  • Repeal the Commerce and Margins taxes – these taxes raise the cost of doing business. Instead of that money going to increase the wages of workers, or lower prices for consumers, it is going to the big-government interests of Carson City.
  • Stop Common Core from ruining our classrooms. Teaching is a difficult profession, and by chaining teachers to a particular curriculum, they can’t meet the needs of the actual students they are teaching.
  • End the corruption in the Public Utilities Commission. This commission raises rates on consumers AFTER they had put in solar; this breaks agreements made between consumers and NV Energy. The PUC must be stopped and the crony capitalism over.
  • Restore constitutional rights to homeowners; stop the bully boards and restrict oppressive homeowner’s associations (HOAs).
  • Provide access to all city, county, and state meetings for those with disabilities. 


Questions? Contact me at 702.822.4555 or by email at

Check out my interview here:

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